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How Home-Inspection Helps Buyers & Sellers

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Real Estate transaction is always a challenging and in fact, a very important task to deal with. No matter whether you’re a seller or a buyer, you always have buckets of question-marks arising in your mind. 

Here, let me tell you that although all the questions in the buyer’s mind may differ from that in the seller’s; there always remains a single question that is common between both of their lists. Guess what? 

The result of the inspection. 

Yes, both the buyer, as well as the seller, are extremely curious to know about the result of the inspection. 

And in fact, this is one of the top-reasons why home-inspection is so popular. 

According to the General Accounting Office of the United States of America, above 85% of the home-buyers applying for a mortgage also request an inspection before making the deal. 

Do you know why do they do so? 

Because the report generated after this type of inspections gives them lots of ideas about the house that they’re gonna buy shortly. They can easily analyze the status of every individual part of the house. This includes every part of the house from its base to its topmost part; i.e., its roof. More importantly, it also covers the status of some other important aspects of the house like the electrical work, plumbing work, and any other aspects of the house that may impact its value for the buyer spending his valuable money to buy it. 

In this way, having a house inspected by a home-inspection expert before any deal benefits both the parties participating in the deal; i.e., the buyer as well as the seller. Guess how? 

No idea? 

Well, you needn’t worry anymore as I’m gonna describe clearly in this blog how a home inspection helps the buyer as well as the seller of any house. Just keep going through this blog to its end. 


No matter you can get a basic idea about a home regarding what shall it offer to you as a buyer when you’ll buy it spending millions of your valuable income on it, you still miss getting the complete details about its condition from its roof to its base. 

Let me make you clearer; okay? 

Could you be sure that the roof of the house has no single damage just by a single walk-through? 

I don’t think you would; right? 

There may be devastating damage in its roof. Also, there might be the possibility of the existence of the infestation of termites. Beware ! they are less possibly visible to eyes. 

Still, these simple issues could cost you a lot very soon after you move into the house. You might have to bear lots of expenses for the repairs after you buy it. 

By getting a house inspected before buying it, you can be sure about any type of unwanted surprise that might be possibly existing. More importantly, you can get the idea about what you’re gonna get for the dollars that you’ll pay. 

As a buyer, on getting a house inspected before buying it, you can make a decision without any dilemma in your mind. And one more advantage in this context is that on getting a home inspected, there exists a higher level of transparency between the buyer and the seller. 

Simply stated, on getting a home inspected before buying, you don’t need to worry about any ‘WHAT IF’. With this, you get a higher level of peace of mind while making a transaction. 

Moreover, you do have a higher level of power on making negotiations because in case if you’re unsatisfied with the home due to any known issue, you can talk with the seller regarding the charges of repairs that will cost you extra money. 

Here, as a buyer, what advantage you’ll get is that you can get the property at a price that is fair and that you’d love to buy at. 


Having a home inspected before selling is equally beneficial for the seller, too. Guess why? 

The very first advantage of getting your home inspected before selling it is that it expedites the whole process of getting your property sold with very less setbacks. Meanwhile, in case if a home-inspector finds any significant problem with the house, you; as a seller; do own the control to act as per your will; i.e., either have the issue fixed or disclose it to the buyer. 

Else, there might be a delay in finalizing the deal. 

One of the important points to be cared by a seller is that he must have complete knowledge of his home and its condition. Guess why? 

Because, on having this feature within you, you can get a higher level of negotiating leverage. A seller can’t ever be compelled or bounded by anything or anyone for making claims and having to go on their words. 

Indeed, by having his house inspected before selling, he can provide the buyer with tangible proofs about the condition of his house being in its best condition. On having this done, the seller gets even more attracted towards buying the house and also his power for getting the price negotiated gets increased. 

A home inspection is also very important from the legal point of view. Soon after a home is inspected, full disclosure about all the facts and features of the home is made. Can you guess the advantage of this disclosure? 

No idea; right? 

Well, no need to worry. Let me tell you the advantage of this disclosure. 

And the advantage of the disclosure of the facts and features of the home to be sold is that the seller remains fully under protection in case of any kind of threat of legal action in the days to come. In case if a buyer of a home is not satisfied with the condition of the property that he is approaching, let me tell you that he won’t be able to file any kind of lawsuit because everything remains disclosed long before signing the deed. 

In a very few words to say, the seller can enjoy sound peace of mind once the transaction has been completed successfully. 

Overlooking all of these advantages of being both; i.e., the buyer as well as a seller; we come to the conclusion that it’s easy and quite a smart idea to have a home inspected before making the transaction; no matter whether you’re buying or selling it. Simply stated, it’s mutually advantageous for both the buyer as well as the seller as both of them can easily conclude the deal fairly. Going this way, both parties feel as if they are getting the best value of their investments with no dilemma in their mind. 

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